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Welcome To Superior Ads Media

Superior Ads Media is an Indian based Online Advertising company with a dedicated team who are always ready to bring the most out of online advertising and help you to grow your business.

Superior Ads Media helps online advertisers to increase their sales and traffic by delivering real potential customers back to their site.

It is a medium through which both publishers and advertisers get mutually benefited.

We offer a wide range of advertising Media and Marketing services which will definitely help to grow your business.

Our goal is to deliver the best advertising services.

Various Features

  1. Detailed Statistics: See each and every details of your site, starting from clicks, impressions & Country Visits.
  2. User Friendly: It is easy to create and upload ads! Even a beginner can do it!
  3. Increase Traffic: Sign up as an advertiser and you never have to worry about your sales.
  4. Targeted Audience: Get potential buyers and increase your sales.
  5. 24/7 Support: Get all kinds of support that your business needs.
  6. Various ad Formats: There are variety of ad formats to choose from. Choose the one that fits your websites.
  7. Commission: get 10% commission on each sale referred by you.
  8. Best Price:It start with only $10.

Reach Your Target

Advertisers can choose from varieties of ad services which suits their business.The price rates are made in such a way that everybody can afford without making a hole in their pocket.


Earn Huge Revenue

No matter from where your visitors come from, you will get paid from all visits.We always put relevant ads on your site so that you can more revenue from it.


Technology You Can Trust

Using our High-Tech Technology, you will get the most out of advertising. We have developed in such a way that you will never fail.


At Superior Ads Media we connect publishers with the advertisers in which both get mutually benefited. You've already filled your site with interesting content, now it's time to make money out of it.

We will make sure that the ads are of high quality and specific to your site.

We always put relevant ads on your site so that you can more revenue from it.

Monitize your website with us and get to see each and every details about your websites.

Various Features

  1. Monetize 100% of your website statistic's using our high tech service.
  2. See Quality ads on your website that you wish to see.
  3. Turn your website into a cash generating machine.
  4. Multiple ad format available for the best integration of your website.
  5. Customize the layout of your ad.
  6. Maximize your revenue by placing ads on your website.
  7. High conversion rate
  8. Weekly and monthly payout only by paypal.
  9. No joining Fees.
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No matter from where your visitors come from, you will get paid from all visits.

John Doe & Sons:

"We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and creative talent of the people at Superior Ads Media!"


At Superior Ads Media you will get the most out of online advertising with much cheaper rates to reach your goal. Varieties of campaign to choose from.
The rates are made in such a way that it fits all kinds of budget.

Various Features

  1. Advertise multiple banners for the price of a single campaign.
  2. Attract customers and visitors with performance-based advertising.
  3. It is easy to create and upload ads! Even a beginner can do it!
  4. Targeted ads reach your audience, targeting by channel or geographic region.
  5. Get detailed reports on the performance of your campaign.
  6. Geographic Targeting.Target your audience all over the world and increase your leads.
  7. Pay only for the clicks and impression you receive.
  8. Never pay more than you have to.
  9. Real Time Statistics.
  10. 24/7 online support.

Various Features

You are free to choose the type of ads you want to view. There are varieties of ad formats to suit all kinds of needs.

  1. Banner (468x60)
  2. Leaderboard (728x90)
  3. Square (250x250)
  4. Rectangle (300x250)
  5. Rectangle (336x280)
  6. Vertical Rectangle (240x400)
  7. Vertical Rectangle (260x340)
  8. Vertical Skycraper (120x600)
  9. Vertical Skycraper (160x600)
  10. Vertical Skycraper (300x600)



How Can I monetize my traffic with Superior Ads Media?

Just signup as a Publisher and then create an ad zone. Then place a simple code into your website where you want to see the ads. Soon after that you can see the each and every details about your website.

Can I use the same ad code in several sites?

No, you cannot use the same ad code. If you really want to monetize those sites as well then use separate adzone for those websites.

How are the earnings calculated?

The earnings are calculated in such way that it always maximizes publisher’s revenue. Suppose let us take an example. You have 4000 impressions and 200 clicks. CTR = (Clicks / Impression)* 100 = (200/4000)*100 = 5. eCPM = CTR % * 1000 * 0.01 = 5% * 1000 * 0.01 = $0.5. Revenue = (Impression / 1000) * eCPM = (4000/1000) * 0.5 = $2

What is my minimum payout?

Currently the minimum payout is set to $15.

How can I receive my payment?

After you have collected at least $15 , go to Payment page and click on request payout. Enter the paypal email id and click on request Payout.

How to signup as a publisher?

Click on the Register button and select Publisher From the “Select the type of user” dropdown menu.

I’m generating low revenue. Why?

It is because most of the campaigns are geo targeted. So it may happen that very few campaign are targeted for your country. But at Superior Ads Media we will always show ads so that you can earn at least something.

Why I did’nt receive my payment?

After requesting your payment, It will take up to 15 days for the verification.

What are the available payment options?

Currently we offer Paypal as the only payment option. But we will definitely add some more so that you can have a no problem in payment.

How can I see the statistics?

In the dashboard you can see the overall statistics of all your adzone as per month basis. But you can always see specific stats for all your ad zone.

Why there are no ads on my website?

May be because your site is not approved yet. It may also happen that the browser does not support javascript or is disabled.

Why my website is not approved?

Currently we do not approve sites that contain pornographic contents.

How to increase the revenue?

To increase the revenue place the ads on that region where it is likely to get more clicks.


How can add fund to my account?

Log in your advertisers account and navigate to Add Funds page. Then from the dropdown menu select the amount you want to load and then click the “Add Funds” button. Then you will be redirected to PayPal site. After making successful purchases you will be automatically returned to your site.

What are the available payment options?

Currently we offer Paypal as the only payment option. But we will definitely add some more so that you can have a no problem in payment.

How to sign up as an advertiser?

Click on the Register Now button and select Advertiser From the “Select the type of user” drop down menu

How campaign ads are rotated?

Campaign ads are rotated on our publisher’s website by using an algorithm. If the ads are geo targeted, then only those ads will be displayed.

How can I monitor my campaign?

In the dashboard page, you will be able to see all the statistics as per month basis. Definitely you can also see the statistics of specific campaign by clicking on the [stats] link next to your campaign list.

When will my ad campaign be approved?

Ad campaign will be approved once it is reviewed.

What are the minimum rates for advertising?

We have kept the rates in such a way that it will fit everybody’s budget. The lowest price starts with only $10.

How to target countries, Mobiles and tablets?

While creating a new campaign, you can target countries, mobiles & tablets under the Advanced Targeting Option.

WHow much funds are left after creating a new campaign?

You can always know it by navigating on the dashboard page under Remaining Funds.

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